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Kalin Cothron
Tier One Auto Glass - Indianapolis, Indiana

2017 Kia Sorento rear door glass. FD26571
Door panel has 1 Phillips screw behind a swing open cover below door handle, and at upward angle hidden. No bolts or screws behind handle or window switch. DO NOT try to pry off the switch cover or outer handle as the parts are screwed on from the backside. You will RUIN that door panel! Once panel is off, remove the bolts from the inner cover panel, 2 10mm bolts 1 10mm nut holds rear window channel, remove and glass slides down in easy as pie. Also has a different attachment than normal. Has single 10mm bolt go thru a solid block of plastic that is grooved perfectly for the U shaped plastic attached to the glass with the nut. If it's off much it won't work! Also if there are globs of adhesive on that tab it will not slide down in. Not a hard job but could be if things don't go your way